I’m a Monitoring & Evaluation expert with 20 years of experience in the field of international development and humanitarian aid.

I help organizations strengthen their capacity to plan, manage, conduct and use monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for more effective programming.

I help teams adopt and develop complexity-aware M&E approaches.  Complexity-aware M&E supports adaptive management of programs in dynamic contexts, attends to diverse perspectives, measures meaningful change, and helps sustain that change in continually evolving contexts.

I take part in cutting-edge developments in the evaluation field, promoting dialogue and practice that incorporates new approaches such as Outcome Harvesting, Developmental Evaluation, and applications of systems thinking to evaluation.


I foster innovation by:

  • Helping teams to identify solutions to M&E challenges
  • Leading organization-level action-research to determine what helps and hinders M&E innovation
  • Communicating powerful ideas in plain language
  • Crafting field-friendly guidance on new M&E approaches
  • Fostering innovation is to lead by learning. My job is to model curiosity, listening and learning. I help seek diversity and surprise, create the space for new ideas to be heard and tested, and support innovators and early adopters.

I have extensive experience in the field working with a wide variety of development organizations to design M&E systems, lead evaluations and build M&E capacity.

 I help my clients measure what matters, so they can do what works.

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