Evaluation Resources for Social Innovators

Evaluation for Models and Adaptive Initiatives

Heather Britt and Julia Coffman outline a framework for selecting evaluation approaches for two main types of grantmaking programs used to achieve far-reaching impact: models and adaptive initiatives. Published in Foundation Review
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Model Measurement Workbook

Heather Britt and Julia Coffman guide readers through the process of drafting terms of reference for evaluations that support the development and scale up of model projects.
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Outcome Harvesting

Ricardo Wilson-Grau and Heather Britt outline a method to identify, formulate, verify, and make sense of outcomes in complex environments when relationships of cause-effect are unknown.
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Using the Cynefin Framework in Evaluation Planning: A Case Example

Heather Britt demonstrates how to use a popular systems thinking tool to select appropriate evaluation approaches and methods. Presented at American Evaluation Association 2011
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